Dave Foley + Craig Ferguson = Sploodge!

I’ve been a huge fan of Dave Foley ever since NewsRadio. The little known, underappreciated, incredible sitcom that deserves cult status. Since it didn’t get appreciated enough when it was on. Who was on the show a part from Dave you ask? Well how about Stephen Root, Maura Tierney and Phil Hartman? And yeah, Andy Dick. But that was before he fully evolved into his grating, annoying self. I promise.

Another comedian I have a form of mancrush on is Craig Ferguson. Best known for his role as Drew Carey’s boss Mr. Wick on The Drew Carey Show. This ofcourse only showed of a small part of his range. Don’t believe me? Check out The Big Tease and Saving Grace, both awesomely funny movies. In a very british sort of way. When I heard he’d be the new host for The Late Late Show I had my doubts. Sure he’d be better than Craig Kilborn. The man that gets handed awesome show after awesome show and consistently underwhelms on every front. A sidenote; many people don’t seem to know that Kilborn was the original host for The Daily Show, which he managed to drain the funny out of. Thankfully Jon Stewart steered that ship into the sun when Kilborn left for the future failure that was his version of The Late Late Show.

Back to the subject. Ferguson as the new host of The Late Late Show seemed to be a strange fit. I had never seen any of Ferguson’s standup so I had no idea of the man’s incredible ability to improvise himself into any situation and out of any tight spot. Add his comedic timing and weird impersonations in the short skits he does and you’ve got the funniest late night talk show ever. Maybe not the classiest, but who the hell cares?

Oh yeah, I wanted to point you towards this video.

Dave and Craig in an “interview”.

1 Response to “Dave Foley + Craig Ferguson = Sploodge!”

  1. December 3, 2006 at 9:17 pm

    I also love granny jugs!

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