Jesus Camp

Jesus Camp is a documentary concerning religion, specifically Christianity. Not just any category; absolute, ape-shit crazy, radicalism. A strange fringe group, a small fraction of a wast religious whole, right? Or so one would think. I don’t assume most people live their lives after an incredibly strict religious doctrine but a surprising amount of Americans believe in some pretty fucking stupid things.

Having faith in God, or some other higher all-knowing creator is one thing. I happen not to share this belief and I’ll challenge yours in a debate. But if you feel that way, fine. However, believing that angels fly around every day and stir shit up and help people is so dumb I think I lost a few clusters of neurons just thinking about it. Invisible supernatural beings are watching over you, in particular? That is the height of hubris. Not only that, but it shows what you must think of other people who get into bad shit. I guess that little girl who got leukemia didn’t pray enough, tough luck bitch. That uncle you had who got cancer/heart disease/into a car crash and died? Yeah, God didn’t love him anymore. If Jesus were real he’d be weeping. We obviously didn’t get the message he was nailed to a tree for. More people in America believe in angels than evolution.

Jesus Camp is a documentary so disturbing in its unrelenting exposition of crazy and warped religion I literally became scared. More so than any horror movies have made me in a long time. These people don’t believe in evolution, sure, one would expect that. But global warming? Now they’re just looking for some science to fuck with. What’s next? Gravity? Jesus never really talks about it in the bible, it must be a abortionist-gaymaffia-scientist-liberal-Jesushating-communist conspiracy behind all of that. Designed to discredit Jesus’ flying up into heaven at the end of the second act in the new testament. Isaac Newton should have been burned at the stake.

Here’s another thought for you, all Christians who renounce the theory of evolution shouldn’t get vaccinations when the next influenza epidemic hits. And it will, sooner or later. I’m not talking about the ordinary “stay home from work a few days”-kind. I’m talking about the Spanish flu type, the one that turns your insides into liquid shit. If God changed the influenza strains just to mess with us, I’m sure he will protect those who pray hard enough.

3 Responses to “Jesus Camp”

  1. 1 Tobias
    December 7, 2006 at 5:19 pm

    Fanaticism is scary stuff indeed.

  2. 2 pspeth
    January 15, 2008 at 11:03 pm

    I read this right after reading your post on glee.
    As a Catholic (with friends of every ilk) I have to say it flushed the glee down the toilet.

    Amazingly I find myself hearing far more negative and stereotyping comments from atheists than I ever have from my crazy church friends.

    I’ll check ot a few other posts

  3. January 16, 2008 at 6:23 am

    I find it interesting that you in a way defend people who most certainly believe themselves to be better than you. And that you will be going to hell for not believing in their type of christianity.

    Also your statement about stereotyping was in and off itself stereotyping đŸ˜›

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