Feminism is dead, to me.

Recently the leader of the largest Swedish left wing party and former prime minister left his post and went into some form of retirement. That’s not really what I’m interested in, even in the slightest. What intrigues me is the hunt for a successor to the “throne” as it were. The party, the “Social Democrats” or some similar translation, have been in power for most of the past 80-100 years. From time to time they were switched out for some center-right coalition that never really worked very well. So come the next election the Social Democrats swept back into power. This past election an unusually “strong” center-right alliance managed to squeak by and win.

I’m not going to mention how much bullshit they threw around in the campaigns, the outright lies and the multiple shit storms (there’s an expression I never thought I’d pluralize) they’ve got going right now. To be honest most politicians and parties do that sort of stuff, no matter what ideology, that’s par for the course. This has been mentioned a billion times, because it’s so hilarious and constructive to point out. The fact is people keep falling the same stuff every election. When they finally realize this they just bitch and moan and never try to do anything about it. Neither do they attempt to engage in a rational discussion concerning politics and ideology. No one even wants to broach this subject. Kissing your reader’s, viewer’s or fan’s asses is much more rewarding. Where the hell do all these politicians come from? They don’t reproduce asexually in some dark pit somewhere. They come from the populous. The same type of schools and institutions and homes as you do. If lying is what works, that’s what they’ll do.

Getting back to the subject: the current front-runner for the leadership post is Mona Sahlin. A politicians with very little credibility among the constituents. Many county and municipality party members have also expressed much dismay at this possible outcome. The reasons for their distrust of her is partly based on a few minor scandals in the 90s. That sort of stuff doesn’t really bother me much. The main problem I have with her is that she’s swallowed the red pill of Idiot Feminism. This is the sort of feminism where no amount of scientific evidence, differences of opinion or facts can sway their narrow understanding of reality. To them society is just a huge patriarchy where men either subconsciously or overtly discriminate women. As if all men do all day is sit around in a secret club and plot evil schemes to fuck up a woman’s day. It could also be various institutions and social norms that consolidate this system. I have yet to see any scientific research to prove this. You’d think some researcher could stick a couple of people into a glass maze or something.

Don’t misunderstand me. I support equal rights for both sexes. Equal pay, equal amounts of ice in their drinks or whatever. I am however in some ways a pragmatist. There are areas where this won’t work. There will never be as many firemen who are women, they lack upper body strength. Changing “firemen” into the more politically correct “firefighter” is retarded and men will never (Joe Pesci willing) bare children. But with all these rights come the same amount of duties. When was the last time you heard a feminist demanding women be conscripted into the army? How many female welders are there, apart from those shown in awesome film classics such as Flashdance?

Ever think the reason why they keep raising the question of the number of female corporate board members could be because that’s their retirement plan? That’s how far removed they are from the public. Like the cleaning lady is going to retire to some fucking high payed cushy board position. Actual debate over social class and the gaps between rich and poor has been completely replaced by either shallow TV-friendly ploys or extremist hyperbole. Mona Sahlin either falls into this type of feminist politics or she’s just donning this costume in order to climb to power. Either way I’m not biting.

When people question how fit she is for the position her supporters immediately transform the entire discussion into a gender issue. Trust me, it’s not. There were at least three other female candidates that would have been more appropriate but who bowed out of the running. If the party elects Mona Sahlin, it’s as if they want to loose. Competence has nothing to do with gender. They should be out looking for the the most capable candidate and if that’s a woman, awesome. The previous leader also had tits.


I know this is sort of boring.


1 Response to “Feminism is dead, to me.”

  1. January 18, 2007 at 5:35 pm

    Nah, this isn’t boring. The world faces these same problems, conspicuous promotion of permanent victimhood for women regardless of actual circumstances.

    Thanks for the post..enjoyed.

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