Obscurity never had an easy childhood. When she was growing up she was beaten by her adjective father for long periods of time, horribly. When he finally left she was the only noun in a house full of verbs. The verbs weren’t much nicer to her and essentially shunned her. When they went out and did lovely things, because they are doing words, little Obscurity was forced to stay inside because of a terrible case of asthma. School was no refuge. Every day after class a group of quotation marks would gang up and pick on her.

One day when Obscurity had grown up and finally put this whole ordeal behind her she entered into a reality television show and became very famous and much in demand. Especially to describe others who had competed in reality television over the years. Now Obscurity lives with her husband Proper Name and their beautiful baby boy, Tmesis, in a wonderful Idiom by Figure of Beach.

Jokes for nerds!

Happy Valentine’s Day.


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