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Greenpeace’s problem with nuclear power, deforestation, killing baby seals and such are all well known. It’s the face of Greenpeace we’ve come to know and….know. One might think they are just a bunch of well meaning hippie types, cruising around in some rickety boat. Seldom washing, having hot hemp fueled hippie on hippie filthy sex in their downtime. I know I sure did. Over the years however I’ve come to have a very different view of these people. I’ve essentially grown to hate them. Not for their anti-nuclear, no-baby-seal-killing-stance which is all well and good I suppose, even though I don’t necessarily agree with them. A whale would kill you and your entire family if it had the chance. No, what makes me hate them are the inane and sometimes insane fringe ideas they also bolster.

Let’s just talk a little about their fervent opposition to genetically modified foods. Sure, if it was just in an attempt to stomp those corporations trying to wrangle poor farmers into a system of re-buying seeds every year for crops that have been genetically designed to not produce seeds of their own and dying just after harvest. A policy of going after that type of corporate practice would be commendable. But Greenpeace opposes all types of genetic manipulation of crops or cattle. Guess what fuckers? Every type of farm animal alive today has been genetically modified. Just not by such a direct process but instead by selective breeding over thousands of years. Same goes for our crops. So I guess they’re against being more efficient?

“The technology behind genetically modified (GM) food enables scientists to bypass natural selection and evolution by transferring genes from species that would never normally breed together.”

More of their insanity here.

Wow, holy shit. We mustn’t break the process of natural selection! Certainly not in order to feed people. I guess going hungry is a small price to pay when knowing that you’ve protected some indigenous plant, rodent or bird in some part of Africa. A part where “normal” crops are next to impossible to grow successfully for any longer period of time. I have another little piece of information here Greenpeace: Breaking the process of natural selection is what got us here. Using their type of logic you shouldn’t get yourself vaccinated or fly in airplanes because it somehow goes against “nature”. For the most part it’s not like scientists are crossing a blueberry with a damn octopus.

If I could speed up the plantation of genetically modified crops that would yield greater harvests by stomping rodents to death with my boots and kicking over a shrubbery I’d be doing so right now. I unlike Greenpeace like people more than some rare fucking species of hamster occupying an ecological niche in Africa. No, the crops or cattle escaping into the wild would not bring about some doomsday scenario. Oh shit?! The people would have more food to eat, for free? Good God, No!

The planet is becoming overpopulated pretty fast so unless you want to start sterilizing people or killing them at the age of 30 like in Logan’s Run the only other option is figuring out how to get more food out of the earth.


Could someone please explain to me why they keep getting in the face of fishermen? Don’t you think they’d be doing something else rather than risking their lives on the high seas if they could? When your father, grandfather and his grandfather were all fishermen you pretty much know where you’ll be spending your adulthood. It’s not like they go out looking for fish to torture and whales to rape. Having to clean out a hippie from your netting or scrubbing their little dingy of the hull isn’t exactly a thrilling prospect.


More equal than others.

Today is International Women’s Day. We probably all know what that means. Some marches, some panel discussions on TV about inequality and idiots spouting off all around. Indeed there are obvious cases of inequality all over the world. Therefore there must also be massive inequality here, in our Western democracy. Right? That is somehow a foregone conclusion. The problem always seems to be pinpointing exactly what this actually manifests as.

Wages are more often than not used as an indicator of equality and thus some deduce that women, who in general make less, are disfavored by a social pattern. Or perhaps by a concerted effort from men. In a way, the latter is more realistic. I’m not claiming men sit around in a gentlemen’s club, puffing cigars and sipping brandy. Planning out how we are going to suppress women. At least not any men I know. Maybe I haven’t been invited, fuckers! Corporations think rationally, to the point of being absolutely amoral.

“Can we somehow pay half of the workforce 20% less? You can? Then let’s do it. Fetch my hat and cane Jeeves! I’m going to fuck some people in the ass.”

Yes, rich white motherfuckers who don’t give a shit about you and me are trying to pay their workers less so that they can make more. There’s nothing complex or unexpected in that logic. Money is the driving force of everything in our world. If an industrialist could pay his male work force 20% less than the women he’d be doing that instead. Yes, the original reason for this wage discrepancy was institutionalized inequality. During the industrial revolution! Considering that we’ve gone from about 10 000 years of overt female subjugation to a 15-20% wage differential in less than 100 years I say we’re doing pretty well thus far.

And the reason why most of the rich white industrialists who control our world are male is equally simple. Groups of friends, men in this case, hang out and do each other favors. Few people circulate in and out these groups and thus women are excluded. A bunch of girlfriends are talking/watching a movie/kickboxing a polar bear or something, what are the odds that a guy is also hanging out with them? Without being a third wheel type boyfriend or gay?

The important thing to remember here is that our style of government is what makes our society the most equal and fair the world has ever seen. Yes, there, I said it. Western style democracy is not only different than all other styles of government. It’s superior. Our society is superior to all others.

Shouldn’t 51% of all days of the year be women’s days?

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