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A Modest Wish

To whom it may concern. (you know who you are)

Your love is the child seat going through the windshield that is my heart in the great traffic collision of life. We two do not have time for rational solutions, we’re wanted for assaulting a circus monkey. The perfect crime, some would say. The perfect crime for the perfect partner, that is you.

As you well know there is a thin line between hugging someone and holding them down so that they can’t escape. I will never escape from you, you’re a much faster runner.

So many memorable things have happened to us, unfortunately I can not remember any of these events. Does alcohol effect the memory? I think I read that somewhere once. In any event, I really like spending time with you. And also, you smell nice. Which is important in this smell-oriented modern world of ours.

Here’s hoping we won’t grow tired of each other in the near future.

– Dedicated to someone who did not love me.


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