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Igen – Title Sequence

More to follow…


Project me this, project me that.

Having gotten most other stuff out of the way, I’m now working on a new short film. This thing is completely fueled by my latest onset of depression. I don’t want to give you the impression that I sat at home in the dark, cutting myself and crying. If it ever came to that point I’d just kill myself and stop being such a whiny bitch.

Unlike anything I’ve done before this little spiel will not be a piece of strict genre convention but instead more tread along the lines of avant garde cinema. It’s not going to be some pretentious piece of garbage without structure though. It will contain some form of story, or at least logic. That’s my goal anyhow. It’s going to be a musically driven piece of visual experimentation. Bear with me. I’ll be back to making my ordinary stuff soon enough.

Listening to: Clutch – Shiny Cadillackiness
Watching: Battlestar Galactica
Reading: Survivor by Chuck Palahniuk



…is the title of my second proper short film. I made it in about 4 days, stretched out over a month. Yeah I know, I’m not the most productive person. The entire thing was done without a storyboard or script. I essentially “found” the movie while in editing. As my final product turned out alot different from my intial idea. Some parts became better, some parts not so much.

The budget was a whopping zero dollars. The entire thing was shot using things I already owned and had around the house. Even the tape was previously used for another project. I’m a cheap bastard. So without further ado.

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